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Middle East Australia Link



By JWM Executive Chairman Keith Jackson AM

The launch of Middle East Australia Link, a joint venture between Jackson Wells Morris and Southern Link International, will provide facilitation and communications assistance to Australian companies wanting to do business in the Middle East and North Africa � and vice versa.

Former Palestine diplomat Ali Kazak and JWM�s Ben Haslem are Joint General Managers of the new enterprise, which will provide public relations and similar services to clients in the Middle East, North Africa and Australia.

Middle East Australia Link is equipped to offer services to companies wanting to do business in Egypt, Jordan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Yemen, Palestine, Syria, the United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia.

Ali Kazak was a senior diplomat for 25 years in his role as head of the Palestine delegation to Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific and Palestine Ambassador to Vanuatu and East Timor. He was born in Palestine and studied commerce at Damascus University before migrating to Australia in 1970. Here he was prominent in the defence of Palestinian national and human rights and represented Palestine at numerous national and international conferences and forums before embarking on a diplomatic career.

Ali has an extensive network of contacts in government, business and media in Australia, the Middle East and North Africa and is recognised for his knowledge of international issues.




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